Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Guilty Moon

Watching the star lit sky, with the moon standing alone,
Wondering whether he realized, how much he outshone.
The tiny million stars that shine, look the other way,
But the moon doesn’t care, still rises at the end of the day.

I wonder how I could be so selfless, so giving?
How could I foresee this life, worth this living?
I look back for the day, this quarter life gone.
Realizing that I spent it, only judging right and wrong.

But somewhere I forgot the wrong I never knew.
That I would be judging it, from the only good I view.
Somewhere I would fall, forbidden then I will fail,
Like pulling out from the toe, one bleeding sharp nail.

I remember the day, I stuck that nail in my shoe.
Reminded me everyday, as if I never knew,
Thought I would please someone I care,
For those bleeding tears I couldn’t ever bare.

I knew I would have to limp the whole way,
I would have to trudge till I knew my way.
But I was selfish unlike that damn goody moon,
I mistook the fireflies to be the mighty noon.

I blundered; I regretted then looked to the sky.
I screamed at the mountains to crush me to die.
I stared at the deepest ocean, and the highest tree,
But I couldn’t find the void that could fill, filthy me.

I then looked again to the sky, the night moon that shines.
The moon looked at me to say, don’t love yourself for it blinds.
Stay selfless and pity none, just pray for being the chose one.
For one day you will be a star, and then you will not have to run.

I’m waiting for the day, the day I would be set free.
Free from the pain, I can no longer feel.
For the nail, is hammered deep in my heart.
But now I know, I was chosen for this part.


commited to life said...

left me mesmerized

btw ur blog reminded me off the poem by rabindranath tagore..
two roads divide in the wood and i took the less traveled by..

this was the best
absolute absolute loved it

Anonymous said...

hey dude...why do u write such poems? whtas the matter.. be happy yaar.... theres nothing wrong or right in this world..its all ur own persepctive...dont judge any situation based on someone else's perspecive..... :-)

Hemange said...

dat ws agn a lovely 1,,, i was moved....

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