Saturday, March 28, 2009

Political Drama

Political Drama!!!!
Thats the buzz around these days..What does one make of it. Especially a guy who is gonna vote for the first time even though he turned eighteen half a decade back. Hmm.. I love to discuss politics, makes me look cool and knowledgable. Having an opinion about how you want your future to be is a concept concieved as the smallest embryo in the womb of the political seed of india, also called as the great democracy. I remember the constituency of India with its famous 4 pillars of Ambedkar. I dont remember them now, but one does get a wee bit confused when you picture the 9.00 pm news on DD1 you used to watch with Dad to just feel like an adult, where they flashed a picture of the parliament with its many pillars, all white in splendid beauty. In some sense like the Taj Mahal, the white marbeled symbol of love, only this time it was the symbol of democracy.

Democracy was an idelistic word for me then, the cliched phrase "India is the worlds BIGGEST Democracy". As a kid i remember my pride, my patriotism, my love for my country. I still feel the same when i sing the National Anthem when i go to watch a movie at a multiplex. Only to hear someone so hieneously mispronounce and murder the anthem's sentimental lyrics. But i dont blame them, its not even in the national language, its Sanskrit, I havent learnt sanskrit in this quater life of mine. I bet 90% of India doesnt know what they are saying when they sing the Anthem.

Deviating back to the many pillars of Democracratic Parliamet that i now understand, are not the same like the Taj Mahals, Char Minars. I think the four pillars of poor Ambedkar's Consitution is lost somewhere. All i can see is the many pillars of Corruption, Taxation, Communalism, Extremism, Psuedo Secularism, Gandhis walking stick, Sardars blood stained Stick and many more.

I have opinions about parties, I have debates about their Ideologies, I believe some, I get influenced by some, But there is not a single party that has captured my imagination of India, as she is in my mind, and im sure of many my age. We are a developing nation and need all the support and planning necessary to tackle its multifold problems. Problems that are staring on our face and we chose to ignore it. Everyone is dividing the voters and making them blinded with faith or emotion. The plan that has been common for all the parties participating ( and that a big plus) that they all believe in the Divide and Rule policy. All of them are banking on numbers, Numbers from Vote banks, Its a number game that even the smartest CA of our country cant solve. Its a great study of logistics, surveyance, emotions, religion, region, language and all these factors. Factor all these together in an impossible formula and you will be uncoding the unfathamable answer to winning an election in India.

Why cant elections be on the future of india than the past? Why does it have to be about dividing people than to unite?

I hope one day the future generation of my homeland will be able to vote for everything i cant today.
Do cast your vote.

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commited to life said...

i totally totally agree with you and relate to it very much..
a thought provoking and mirror kinda post..


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