Monday, April 20, 2009

Thanking you for Everything.....

The tears have long dried, and the wrinkles still remain.
The heart that bled has healed, but the scars still remain.
Your memories are etched in stone, I'm not hiding them anymore.
Hoping that your future has all the worlds’ happiness in store.

Unlike dusty shooting star that falls from the sky
I don’t think I ever even wished you goodbye.
I hope that you get the love that never stayed with me.
I wish you are happy more than one could ever be.

I know some say, that I never moved on.
I just kept you in my heart like a throbbing thorn.
And with the numbing pain, I burry the love alive.
Then to love someone again, I did always strive.

We haven’t spoken for years, so you’d be pleased to know,
Its long since ive thought of you, I think I have finally let you go.
Ive loved again and fallen at times, I never missed you then.
But then why did i always search for you in every other person?

As you walk the altar today, id be watching you with a smile
For I want to thank you today, for many a million times.
For giving me my first love and moments that will last awhile.
Ill pray that you get all this and more, while the bells chime.

But when im old with dickering knobby knees,
Id remember the moments smiling in their gentle breeze,
That’s when I would rebuild these castles of memory.
Which were washed way in the sandy beach of our history.


Anonymous said...

wonderful blog... hope u have all happy memeories in ur life and even lasting one's too.. ;-) u know not only memories.. and stay happy.. keep blogging ....
ur blogs are always so touching...

commited to life said...

brought all of it again..
tears and memories and dreams smiles too

Sonal Sinha said...

Well there's always room for new sun shine.. :)
But.. must say.. you beautifully put your feelings across... Like always :) :)

Sweety said...

I have no words to say.. Its simply awesome Adi.. Its so nice tat you can express your emotions this way.. Its beautiful :)

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