Friday, February 06, 2009

May Lost Angels

I wanted to go there, I wanted to step there,
I wanted everything now, everything that’s everywhere.
I took some from my wallet, some from my Dad
When that was not enough I took some from whoever had.

I greed my self to utter loathe and despair.
Others would just open their mouth and stare.
Then I lost one from my pocket, one from the jacket.
One from the bag and then I still bragged.

I Knew I was loosing them, I chose to ignore.
I kept losing one more, until there were no more.
And when time came to count them all,
I learnt that I had not earned them at all.

They were more than material someone said.
They are more than your daily bread.
They are what God gives you for your good deeds.
They are equal to family and come in need.

They catch you when you fall,
They pick you when you drop,
They push you when you stop,
The lift you when you, crawl.

They are earned not bought,
Earning nothing, I lost Everything else.
Couldn’t keep them safe, till the end.
They are my angels, They were my friends.

There are times when you realize that someone you had taken for granted has left you, and is long gone, someone you were close, and then you recount you blessings, and then you find you have lost them, as time passed and you changed...this poem is for those moments...i wish no one goes through this...its as painful as you could ever imagine....


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