Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dream a little more

Look around you, look at others, your family, friends, roommates, etc.. When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Do you see yourselves battle weary? We Indians fight so much everyday. Constantly fighting in life for something that we believe is ours and will make our life a little better. By fighting i dont meen fighting literally, its just another word i use for competition. Be it for the toy that you too wanted when you were 5, The new bicycle you wanted when you were 10, The video game you looked with gleaming eyes at your neighbours place. All the things you wanted when your were a teen... the smile of your first crush. The girl or boy whom your thought would just look your way once,... ready to fight the world for it. :) or that bike that you wished you had. During our quarter lives you fight for getting the your dream partner or your love. Later maybe for getting the best out of your kids and fight for giving the best to them. Life comes a complete circle and we still keep fighting to live a little more to sleep a little more. These are 'the dreams' all of mankind has had and will keep having. Something that makes you happy. We think that these things will make us happy or comfortable or give you a much needed high in your otherwise boring life. We fight for not these material things we fight for our dreams, our aspirations...
I just gave this subject a thought after hearing a song 'Jaage hai der tak' by A R Rahman i dont know which movie soundtrack..... I think the song is beautiful and i wrote the following poem keeping that anthem in mind. Just give it a read.. (leave a feedback)

Let me sleep ma, its been a long night
All night tiill the wee hours, I've held on to fight.
Again i will remind myself to dream in my sleep,
Of the incomplete dreams, that time couldnt keep.
The midnight oil is burning in my eyes
I have been proving them but to be not lies.

The night is yet to set, let me sleep a little more.
The pain of not reaching there, my body still sore.
Those incomplete dreams that I were unable to realize
I want to gaze at them beneath my closed eyes.
Let me once more ressurrect them in my sleep.
Let the cuts of failure heal before they run deep.

Let me sleep ma, Its been a lonely night.
All night till the wee hours ive held on to fight.
fighting the fear that i indeed may loose again.
I am not going to hide my valiant fear in vain.
Beneath these closed eyes Those seeds i will sow.
Blooming those flowers swaying in the wind that blows.

My mind wants to dream of the perfect dream.
To the world however wastefull it may seem.
So Till the dawn let me dream it again tonight
Before as feared, somehow something cuts my kite.
And i run again to fetch the free kite that sways
So that atleast the fathomable memory stays.

The night is yet to set, let me sleep a little more,
Untill tommorow's dawn warms me to the core.
The sun will rise and give me the strength,
To chase my dreams till the end of my breath.
And tired or smiling however i return to my bed.
Let me sleep longer again so that the dreams never shed.
The dreams will never shed............................


Mari said...

hello Adhish...
nice post!!! still waiting for u to write something happy :)
this one was also nice..
ver well written
has a deep meaning to it though......
keep posting :)

commited to life said...

nice and thought provoking

commited to life said...

nice and introspecting one
how did CAT went?

Smriti And the world of IT said...

Great , I like your poems a lot

shilli said...

awesome piece of work!!

Rakesh said...

Nice :)

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