Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Finally move on... Repost..

Hi guy's sorry have been a bit busy to update my blog..
this is a repost of my favourite and first post on my blog..
Hope you guys like it..

u woud think by now,I would know my way around,
I shouldn miss you so badly,I shuld be on familiar ground.
How many more lonely months, must meander by,
until I learn the lesson, it does no good to cry.
Wat Kind of iron will,must some people possess,
to be always looking forward, to never accept regress.
Perhaps if I was willing, to let someone take me by the hand,
they could show me a happy place, in this unfamiliar land.
But im weary to give my hand again, for ----- none can match u ,
Uve always been in my heart, keepin me from starting anew,
Perhaps Im only demanding, for all the joys that once were mine,
I must accept that they and you, belong to another place and time.
But I know that deep within my heart,there's a place where only you reside,
and when the pain of loneliness comes, it knows now dat where I hide.
So if sometimes it seems to me n my frnds, Im clinging to the past,
its mostly because I cant yet accept, that our love didn't last.
No matter how hard I try, I've yet to get over you,
for the part of me thats still alive, believes you love me too.
Maybe there will come a day, when that part will finally die,
and feeling strong with a heart reborn, a new love I will finally try.
And what a splendid day that will be, when I WAKE to discover,
I'm happily learning a great new land, with a new friend and lover.


Unknown said...

I really admire the perfect rhymes!

commited to life said...

hey its so nice
aould almost relate to it
the feel are so intense....
its just amazing

Preeti Shenoy said...

Hope that day comes soon.
Pain of true love is hard to get over.Really hard.
To be honest, it never goes away completely.
Thanks for stopping by.

Krithika said...

Hey, I just read your coment on my blog..and this..what you've written is excellent!!!

Although, you might want to try and dabble in other themes..just a suggestion, I'm trying to do it and its hard!

But still, excellent poetry and I wish I could write like that!

AG said...


neat words
the last few lines r all that matter


Eowéniel said...

heyy!!..I'm so sorry for the delayed response..I've almost stopped blogging..but I guess I'm gonna get back to it..thanks for your comments..nah man..u write much better than me..I like ur style which is very aesthetic n artistic..very nice indeed!..keep up the good work! :)

Clueless said...

kinda of going through the same feeling ... its funny how much creativity heartbreaks inspire... said...

A very honest approach...
I liked the poem,the feel and the simple words chosen ...

commited to life said...

and wen u r updating ur blog

commited to life said...

and wen u r updating ur blog

Mari said...

this one is really good... the best that i like..adhish u put in ur soul in what u write ...really like ur poetry..keep writing :)

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