Friday, April 11, 2008

Friends in photographs

Flipping through my photographs,
I see you staring at me again,
Looking at those eyes so true,
Memories flooding from the blue.

Looking back into the past,
It seems the time flew so fast,
You were there so close to me,
So near that i couldnt see.

Talking for hours in our days,
Looking for brand new ways,
To enjoy and have some fun,
Just play dodge ball or run.

As we grew older i saw u there,
For each other we used to care,
Trying new things and fooling around,
we never knew all this was time bound.

For time would be gone someday,
When we wont meet everyday,
Where we couldnt take it for granted,
That i could be there whenever you wanted.

Then one day you left for a differnt place,
I still remember the look on your face,
Your face said a million things that day,
When we finally went different ways,

I felt your presence for a long time,
Whenever i needed a hand to climb.
I missed you that special days,
to decide whether to run or stay.

Seeing you picture in my hand,
I thought of the slipping time sand,
Realizing that far you never were,
Coz from my heart you would never blur.

This is for my childhood friends who went away so far but are still very near


nsarmila said...

adi, me sarmila. this is the first poem of yours am reading...ok your lines pulled out similar memories of my life. ok..did you read the poem FERNHILL by dylan thomas? it has a similar theme. it is one of my favourites. email id here.

Neha said...

hey adi it was nice to read ur poems. well i m not the one who writes poem...btu likes to read it...

Megha said...

Lovely poem once again .. :)

Its good to see how to u pen your words , a it did take me down my memory lanes ...

May be my poem would also be along these lines ... Lets see .. :)

commited to life said...

nice poem
heart rendering one

To be or not to be said...

hey amazin poem....connects wid da reader....way 2 go!!!

Unknown said...

nice poetry.....why dont u write prose as wil make an interesting read i think

AG said...


wel i am not much of a poet, but have tried my hand at writing a few.
one word connects to another n u end up havin a poem :)

awesome words
frinds r always alive in the form of memories :)


Unknown said...

so u have done it again..its always been so easy to connect to ur poems..beautifully expressed:)..
Cheers!! said...

very touching one...
ur choice of words are simple and clear...
hope to see more :)

Simmy George said...

u've got so much of depth in ur writings...... every word pierces a soul.... n yeah thnx for adding me in ur fav blog... it always will be my pleasure....

Unknown said...

Deeply poignant, yet it doesn't miss the "I-have-moved-on" feeling.

Sad it is, we forget people who remain out of close proximity.

Hemange said...

beautifully written, esp d start'g lines ..i jst lovd dose lines... :)

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