Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Give Me Wings --the corection(Dont...)

I am flying high today, flying to the clouds
i have my dreams today,with no bounds
I am gonna fly very high,i thought one day
till the horizon touched, i wont rest in any way

Today restless i fly, with a faint direction
towards the horizon,i am tired in the reflection
i see in the sea below, that cuts the waves
the wings hit hard and the water just caves

Into my eyes i look, i see my tired self
then i look out around, not a soul at sight
i look back at the water, and my eyes red
i think back to the days, where my life has led

My goal is at sight and i wanna achieve
My self and my happiness i wanna retrieve
But where is my flock that where here with me
where have they gone, why them i cant see.

Then i realize that i left, left them far behind
or maybe each went away,tearing the wind
Thier own horizon and goal,they had to find
but then are they happy or just too blind

Alone i fly towards my horizon, and they thier own
I miss my flock, i miss my world thats flown
they must have gone, but they live on my heart
and as i look into my reflection, i find them in me

But I want to ask them,why do we fly to our horizons
when all horizons are endless and are actually the same
For when we are tired our loved ones we may not find
Together we can share our happiness love and agony
and journey to the horzon will be simple joy and kind

Note: Please read the previous post before this one....
I had to eat my words..all things have their pros and cons chose wisely
do you really wanna fly....alone


Anonymous said...

tat is smthin so true adi..i mean v all goin in diff direction even if v dont want to.this blog of urs is d best till date..too gud dude.

Anonymous said...

adhish i take back my words..u know na.. this ones so true and so much in all our hearts..

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