Saturday, September 23, 2006

Running Away....Far

For days i wait to see the sun,
Its so cold out here alone,
Where a warm winds never blown,
Where everyone is on the run.

Where is the sweet sun shining?,
Where are the smiling faces?
Have i forgotton whats smiling?
And the time thats just running.

I dont see the stars that twinkle,
Only the many stressfull wrinkles.
What are we running behind?sweat n grime?
For love is there is just no time?

Love , care and Concern is what i crave
Where is it in this world to find.
Are women still caring and men brave.
or is it just a passe phrase for the gone time.

Wish i could see more trees than buildings
Some Humans among the machines.
Where words are said with some feelings
Where friends are treasured not green papers

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