Saturday, June 10, 2006

Let me FLY- give me my WINGS

Let When will i be free, When will i fly above all
when will my own realize, that im now tall
why dont u let me alone,give me a free fall
i may hurt myself,but i will rise- not crawl

expose me and let me fly ,show me my wings
the wings thats gods gift,the voice that sings
the soul that roams ,the far sea and land
the land untold awaits,it is dark yet grand.

why have i got these wings, when i cant fly
this heart here beats, the heart that cant try
It has seen love, of the ones who love me
they protect me, but when will they leave me

Leave me from thier love,for once they should
for my heart is small, but my soul is good
i need my heart to grow, Grow to my shoes
i want to hit the clouds, wanna sail the blues.

When will u understand,that i need to grow.
sometimes u need to, let ur loved ones go.
today or tommorow one day, i will be gone.
that day again in this world, i will be born

u will still be my loved ones,u will be in my heart.
just trust me forever, and let me out my way.
so that there is a path, the future has lay.
im ur part for u , ur the potter im the clay.

so shape me well today,let the clay spin
and let god take care ,let Him take me within,
In this world of God, Let me go for loves sake.
Clay then will form itself,a shape for God to make.


Anonymous said...

hi darling bro,
loved this one too... ur blessed, u truly are. and i'm blessed to have you in my life.

Anonymous said...


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