Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Goodbye to you;
Thats what they all tell me to say
But I could never let you go
So many questions;
so many things
I'll never know.
yes even though your gone,
I refuse to let you go
I cant move on.
But I'm told,
I have to say goodbye
But those Words always make me wanna cry,
Cuz' I love you too much
Even though were to far away to touch,
I can still feel you
So Illl never say
Goodbye to you...

this is for u...are u there???


dawg said...

you've got some real good stuff here yaar... keep it up!

Mari said...

very nice one adhish:) brought tears to my eyes:)

Anonymous said...

No- this whoever is not there- that's your answer- if he/she were, they would hold your heart, never let you cry, realize how much you love them, though they'd probably never know why.

Lucky, i think, are people who are on the giving end of a hurt- their hearts seem to be serenely seated in closed chambers, behind locked doors- just don't feel nothing. Good for them. Emotion makes you weaker than you can tell.

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