Tuesday, March 07, 2006

They hate u in the end!!!

Deeply lost inside,
My tattered mind,
Caught in a web,
Of everybody elses lies.

They say I will be there for you,
I will always be here,
When they eventually leave you somehow,
And cause you more hurt and fear.

They never really cared,
Turn their back on you,
You stopped opening up to them,
Just so you could pull through.

So you would not hurt them,
So you did not have to let them go,
But sometimes you wonder,
If this friend ship is just for show?

Cause they all hate you in the end,
For reasons you can not believe,
They say things that are not true,
And you can not take in the words you receive.

You end up getting hurt,
And wonder how it went wrong,
They lay the blame on you,
And you no longer feel strong.

You try to fix things with them,
But they just push you away,
They do not wanna know,
They do not wanna hear the words you say.

So if your gonna be True friends,
And say that you are both Forever,
Think before you say it,
Cause true friends never stay together.

this poem is dedicated to my friends who i will never forget...for the good times....but who just moved on....or hated me


Anonymous said...

hey aadish!!u sure seem to have been deeply hurt in friendship...or it mite jst the writer in u hu has deeply captivated the essnce of'found n lost' frindship.
kudos to u..keep up the gud work!!

commited to life said...

its so awesome
you are such an awesome writter
captaviting the essence of evrything
its really amazing
what i could not deliver in so many blogs
you told in few lines

it so true
wish they were just not there

Anonymous said...

I'm sad now- how reading gets to me, i don't know.

I've been in that spot more times than i want to recollect. People scare me in a way, i wish they didn't- past hurt really clings onto your heart no matter how much you shove it away, i think- okay, i don't want the sadness to get infectious here, so i'll stop.

Rakesh said...

I feel its always a 2-way road..... its never the responsibility/fault of 1 person that destroys relations.....

n its not just 1 person who gets hurt at the end :( thats the sad part

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