Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Are u Still There

I dont sleep at nights
for nights afew.
i think Ive figured out why
Because these thoughts of you
they sumtimes make me cry

I lay wide awakeand ponder so long
I hope this is just a phase
may be im still strong
Because Ive fallen for you
and care for you Oh! so dearly
That everything has becomes blurry
and cant see things clearly

And when I'm sometimes with you
I feel Iam on cloud seven
u know it makes me believe that
really there is a place-heaven

When we used to hang out
and my world was such bliss
I loved the pure experience
it was ecstatic without that kiss

But you are now in love
i hear with some other guy
So Ill just wait waiting here
and watch the days pass by

but one day I hoped to tell you
how I truly feel
Because this was becoming
amzingly so real

But I was afraid i cudnt forsee
what you might do
wud u Abandon me
like everyone else used to

But maybe your different
and wouldn't do that to meI
just dont see how that is
just how could that be

You've always told me that
you'll always be there
Are you faking it
or do you truly care?


Anonymous said...

all ur write-ups are simply i liked this one the all i can say..:))

Anonymous said...

this one is really nice

Anonymous said...

Human emotions are so weird, aren't they? Love changes, priorities change, friendships change, life changes, we hurt, we heal- and life goes on.

It makes me sad sometimes to know nothing will ever remain like it is- will get better, might get worse. Sometimes good, sometimes sad. Ah! you made me ponder.

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