Friday, January 20, 2006

Let me take ur pain away

Things have gotten bad for you,
You're falling once again,
Will you let me catch you?
Like I have those many times when.

I really care for you,
And I don't wanna see you fall,
I'm crying here for you,
Hoping to hear your every call.

You need me to listen,
And you know you have my hear,
You cry on my shoulder,
I'll dry your every tear.

You know I'm here for you,
I told you and still do,
I wish I could make it better,
But I can only help you through.

I know you're unhappy,
I can sense your killing pain,
I can feel your heart breaking,
See those tear stains.

I long to make it better,
But I can't steal it away,
I wanna hold you close to me,
Hoping you will be ok.

You're so close to letting me go,
Almost did yesterday night,
And I would have went with you,
If we had have lost our difficult fight.

I feel I need you,
But you need me more,
I'm here right beside you,
Just like I was before.

So when you need me sweetheart,
Just remember I'm always there,
Because sweetheart I love you,
And I really do care.

this poem was written be me when one of my best friend was in a crisis and i wasnt close to her for my own weaknesess....ill remember writing this poem for it was a difficult time for me. but it isnt exactly written for my friend but for myself


Anonymous said...

"OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!" That hurt.

There's so much of pain and helplessness- i'm re-reading chronologically now- hope you managed to get back to normal with this particular friend. Soooooooo much sadness is NOT normal. If not, mail this to her- she'd be floored to know you ever thought this way. (I'm guessing.)

adhishg said...

its a looong time ago... hmm thanks for commenting read this after a long time too... felt funny this time..ya just a way of getting the feelings out.. one thing about pain and hurt ive learnt after those heartbreaks... time is the best healer and if you have a hobby like makes it much easier and not to forget frnds who never leave ur all of them...

Anonymous said...

Time IS the best healer- i'm glad you sound a lot better now.

p.s. i like that you continue to keep these posts here. I deleted all the sad stuff i've ever written- the happy stuff went into the trash can with it, too. (Thinking about it, i realize i've ripped apart 5 diaries at least and deleted 3 blogs- that's a confession- i tell people i deleted 2. SAD. Whatever.)

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