Saturday, January 14, 2006


u woud think by now,I would know my way around,
I shouldn miss you so badly,I shuld be on familiar ground.
How many more lonely months, must meander by,
until I learn the lesson, it does no good to cry.
Wat Kind of iron will,must some people possess,
to be always looking forward, to never accept regress.
Perhaps if I was willing, to let someone take me by the hand,
they could show me a happy place, in this unfamiliar land.
But im weary to give my hand again, for ----- none can match u ,
Uve always been in my heart, keepin me from starting anew,
Perhaps Im only demanding, for all the joys that once were mine,
I must accept that they and you, belong to another place and time.
But I know that deep within my heart,there's a place where only you reside,
and when the pain of loneliness comes, it knows now dat where I hide.
So if sometimes it seems to me n my frnds, Im clinging to the past,
its mostly because I cant yet accept, that our love didn't last.
No matter how hard I try, I've yet to get over you,
for the part of me thats still alive, believes you love me too.
Maybe there will come a day, when that part will finally die,
and feeling strong with a heart reborn, a new love I will finally try.
And what a splendid day that will be, when I WAKE to discover,
I'm happily learning a great new land, with a new friend and lover.


Anonymous said...

very good poems . how can u write so long poems about anything.

Anonymous said...

arre majala ka?

dude y such kinda poems....

vidushi said...

u do have a knack of writin great poems...but man!!y do all of them have this 'pessimistic' kinda air abt them!
i think if u wud infuse more positive aspects n give a general air of hope n optimism they wud be jst so perfect!
neverdales not takin the credit from ya work u indeed are gud.
keep up the gud work

rinku said...

dear adhish, kya baat hai? what's bothering u so much? what makes u feel nothing in this world is here to stay? true love and friendships always last. that's why they r called true, hai na?besides, to tell u the truth i haven't seen many ppl whom i could call sincere. and i think u have this rare quality. but don't u think it's kinda unfair to expect that frm other ppl too? not everuone can be as good as u r. so, if u think u r fine with being sweet to ppl and also fine with their not being sweet in return, then go ahead and make all friends u can.but don't expect them to be good and true. 'coz not all can be good and true friends. and it will take years for u to know who's true at, all one can do is to be happy that u had good times with these friends sometime and plz try to focus on the happy times rather than when u r not together. trust me, i speak frm experience- both of friends and of knowing u for awhile now. and while u r at trusting me, take my word for another fact- u r really a gem of a person and rare friend.

Rinku said...

hey adhish, what's bothering u so much? what makes u beleive so firmly that love and friendship doesen't last? not all friends r true friends and not everyone can offer true love. besides, u r one of those very few ppl i can call sincere. but isn't it kinda unfair to expect other ppl to be as nice as u r? not everyone is good all that remains to do is be happy u spent happy times with someone and not brood over the past. it's true u will have to move on, but plz do so without regret or hesitation. trust me 'coz i speak from experience- both of friends and of knowing u too.and while u r at trusting me, take my word for another fact: u r a very rare friend.

Anonymous said...

nice one adhish...u r really very talented.. keep it up

Renu said...

Yaar Adi no doubt you post are mind blowing..but y so pensive??

Shamli said...

Hey awesome poem. . something that goes straight to heart !

Shamli said...

Hey wat words. . straight to heart. . Awesome poem nope not poem Awesome Feelings !

Anonymous said...

just came across ur blog.. the best poem in the whole lot.. has the perfect feelings and u have written it so wonderfully.... keep writing.. and all the best for ur future...

Anonymous said...

Hi. I've been wondering why you haven't been posting the end of the rainy day story yet. So, i landed up re-reading this post. I read them all together the first time, so didn't find the energy to comment. Not fair at all, i thought. So here i am.

Need i say, "Beautifully written"? I'm sure you already know.

I have no idea if all the heart-break here comes from your life story, but it's really sad. It's unhealthy for anyone to think thoughts as sad as these.

Hope you manage to cheer up soon enough. (Iron will needed, i agree- but it's possible. You just need to be ready for it, no?)

p.s. i'd be glad for you if this is just for the write-up.

Shilpi said...

you write so words to emotions is very hard and you beautifully do that.
Proud to have a friend like you !!

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